Friday, 18 January 2019

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria in 2019

Recently it was said that Nigeria is out of recession, it is still no guarantee that things would go back to the way they were a few years back (when the cost of living was not high). However, we are not to be blamed for the country’s current situation, but we are also responsible for the bad choices we make. These bad choices may include Robbery, Kidnapping, cheating, stealing among others. Students are no exception because we tend to engage in odd jobs just to make ends meet. All these are effects of unemployment, lack of food, increase in prices of goods and services. But what most of us are not aware of is that, while we spend time blaming the Government for the current economic situation. Others are busy making ends meet by engaging themselves in resourceful and legal jobs.

What Is The Way Out?

    We often think that students should only engage in academic activities alone, but with the rate of unemployment in the country every student is advised to have an extra knowledge on other professions or even learn handworks as it helps in ways we cannot imagine. Acquiring extra knowledge/skill gives you an edge over your counterparts. Having said that, below are some out of numerous jobs a student can engage in and earn some extra cash while still in school. Emphasis shall be laid on Internet-related Jobs, this is because I already have some basic knowledge about stuff online, and I’ll also be writing based on experience.


The internet is s powerful tool for knowledge acquisition, information on the internet assist us in carrying out our research, assignment, projects, etc. Also with the internet, you can make some legal money, though requires hard work and dedication. I have highlighted some online platform/jobs you can engage yourself with.

BLOGGING: You can engage yourself in blogging while still in school and be making money while at home. The evolution of smartphones has made it easy for anyone to blog on their devices, without necessarily having a PC.

We all have a passion (what we love doing). You can create a blog and write on your spare time about things you love doing and still get paid. Many successful bloggers, started blogging as a part-time job before fully expanding and becoming full-time bloggers. It all starts somewhere.

YOUTUBE: On youtube, most of us spend a lot of time watching videos, but do you know that you can also make money from YouTube? Well, you can. Owning a youtube channel is one of the first steps you need to engage in. If You Are the type that loves creating videos, be it comedy, tutorials or any form of video. You can monetize your youtube channel and publish videos on your it, you get paid for adverts displayed on your channel.

  Recent advancement in Technology has resulted in organizations, industries, schools etc, to seek a professional website to run their various operations. If you love the internet like I do, then I suggest you enroll for web design classes during vacation and become a webmaster, also if you are a fast learner, you can downloading tutorial videos on web design will go a long way in assisting your mastery of site skeleton.

AFFILIATE MARKETING: Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing ways people earn decent money online on a monthly basis. How it works is that you promote a company's product using a unique link given to you by the company, and earn commissions on every purchase made through your link. As simple as that, you don't need any form of technical knowledge to do this, you can simply be working from the comfort of your house. Stay tuned to this blog, I'm currently compiling a list of top paying affiliate networks in Nigeria you can join for free.


If you are the type that likes writing, you can follow it up as a profession. Writing can be of two forms;

Offline writing: Involves writing physically/manually, example writing a novel and offering your work out for sale. Also, there are many essay competitions you can register and then showcase your writing skills.

Online writing: there are many organizations that are looking for professional writers on their websites/blogs, and are willing to pay for the services you render. Also, you can write an eBook on what you are good at, and offer it for sale online. There are people out there who are willing to pay for the knowledge you have.


 If you like speaking in public places or love advising others, then perhaps it is time for you to take it up as a profession. Speaking in seminars, conferences, forums, etc does not only fetch you money, but it also exposes you to the World at large and builds trust between you and the people you relate with.

    In conclusion, all I’ve said are mere words; it all depends on the individual’s motivation. We all have talents, engage in what you love doing and watch how your hard work pays off. Patience and dedication should be a virtue we should all strive to get. This is because most times we tend to get discouraged and sometimes quit when we fail at our first attempt. I speak from experience, I am a blogger take it from me, it is never easy, set back arises, but our ability to overcome is what makes us strong.