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Top 6 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Blogging as a career is not an easy task to engage yourself in, It can be very tedious, demanding and time consuming. Most successful bloggers in Nigeria and around the world spends lots of time (and money) in keeping their websites up and running. If you are a part-time blogger, then the work load is more on you, as you would hardly have time for yourself or others. I speak from experience, I hardly have time to socialize or live normal life (less sleep), this is due to the fact that I school and Blog at the same time. Trust me, it doesn't get easy, but finding the right balance between blogging and other activities, is the basis for building a successful blog.

Well! Nothing good comes easy, as stressful and tedious blogging can be, one can also be making money from their blog. As I mentioned in my previous post, blogging is a full time business. There are numerous ways in which a blog can be monetised to earn decent money. Some of which I would be discussing in this post today, so sit tight and read through this post, as I guarantee it would change your perception towards blogging as a whole, and also serve as a guide to new bloggers who still don't know how to make money from their blogs.


  1. AD Networks

  2. Affiliate Marketing

  3. Advert Placement

  4. Sponsored Posts

  5. Blog Design

  6. Freelancing

One of the most legitimate, lucrative and reliable way of the making money online with a blog. It involves integrating adverts from ad networks to your blog and getting paid per impression and clicks. The advantage of monetising through ad network is that you are guaranteed to make money out of it, no matter how small or huge it may be. There are numerous ad network available online, of which you one use as many as you want, there is no limit, but you should also avoid crowding your websites adverts. Some top level ad network are;
Google AdSense, InfoLink,, Chitika,, Bidvertiser, Propeller ads etc. Subsequently, I will post on how to apply for AdSense and other ad network. Be sure to check back to this blog.

This is Somewhat similar to ad network. Many companies both online and offline are willing to pay for adverts you serve for them on your website. Payment mode differ from one company to another. Some pay per impression and clicks, while others pay in percentage per sales made through your link. Example of affiliate companies you can sign up with include; AliXpress, Gearbest, Jumia, Konga, etc. For domain name. affiliates; Godaddy, Namecheap, Domainking etc.

It involves creating space for advertisements from individuals and companies on your your website. Also, placing a price per banner size and specifying the duration period is also vital. To create banner adverts, you need to have a little knowledge on html (img tag) which you must have acquired in the course of your blogging. If your blog receive huge amount of visitors on a daily basis, individuals and companies would jump at the opportunity of using ad space in your blog to target their products/services to your audience.

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A bit similar to advert placement. But different in the sense that, a description is made of the product/services of the advertiser in form of a blog post which is either written by the blog author or the sponsor. You might want to add a sponsor post page to your blog. Notifying your audience about the prices and features.

During the course of your blogging, you should acquire some basic blog setup procedures and how to edit and customize a blog. Common with with tech bloggers. If as a blogger(tech) you don't know how to design a website by now. Perhaps, it is time for you to go learn how to do that. To let people know of your services, you need to create a page on your blog, example "Hire Us", 'Our Services', or any other name. On the page content, add a brief description of the services you offer and add a mode by which users can contact you.

From the word Freelance, which means selling your own product / services to your audience. If you have an Ebooks, you can advertise them on your blog and place prices on them. Also, you can write for top blogs and get paid for your services. There are quite a number of websites who are looking for authors, editors, designers or the likes. Search for such companies and let them know of the service you offer.

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Final words
I have successfully stated and explained ways in which a you can make decent money from your blog. You need to master some basic blog setup procedure, as it helps you become a professional blogger and also gives you an edge over newbie bloggers. Also! If you are a tech blogger, you need to be a good web designer, so as to make extra cash from designing professional websites for companies. If you enjoyed this post, do well to share with others using the share button below. Thank you for reading this post, keep tuned for more.


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