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How to engage blog readers and make them check back - Helps in retaining Visitors

Most bloggers often wonder why some days the will have huge views on their blogs, while other days it is like the just started blogging afresh. Proper Optimization of a blog on search engine (SEO) ensures you get impressions and clicks from the search engine. Which in turn increases search engine visibility and thus boosts traffic. But most often, after the user gets the information he was searching for on your blog, they definitely leave and sometimes don't come back again.

However, there is a reason why viewers do not check back your website after searching and visiting for the first time. In today's post, I will discuss some tips in which one can apply to engage their viewers and also, boost their traffic, and thus increase their earnings. Its simple logic, the more visitors check back your site, the more your traffic. In my previous posts, I wrote on how you can boost your blog/website traffic, you can check that post through this link.


  1. Write quality and Unique Post

  2. Go straight to the point

  3. Use catchy title

  4. Add Related Post Widget

  5. Always update your blog

  6. Link back to older posts from your blog

It doesn't just retain your viewers, but it also ensures you rank in search engine for the related query. It is essential to also maintain quality when writing blog posts, avoid copy and paste because it does not rank your blog well in search engine. Having a unique post also helps in getting approved to ad networks eg Google AdSense.
Quality posts let your viewers know that you are serious with your business. And that you are sure to serve them well.

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Most readers you get from a search engine, intend to just visit, get the answer(s) to their query as fast as the can. In as much as having a lengthy post is good for SEO, you should also take into account that your viewers just want to get answers without having to read long and unrelated texts. So to avoid such, ensure you be as brief as possible in your introductory statements and proceed to the reason for the post. By doing so, whenever a user intends to search something on the web, they tend to visit your blog and search it there.

One of the most important aspects of writing a blog post is having an eye-catching title. This is because when a user searches the web, there are millions of results displayed, with the post titles. The user tends to click on the link that attracts their eyes (catchy title). So ensure you use the catchy title when writing your next blog post. You can search the web for post title tool, or how to add an eye-catching title for blog posts. 

Also, requesting feedback from your audience, either by adding a poll at the end of your post helps in keeping visitors

Related posts are just widgets that link back to old blog posts under the same category or label. Before adding related post widgets to your blog, ensure you add label/category to your blog posts. Because related posts are grouped based on their category. When a user visits your blog, there is a great chance that he or she would find posts that will be helpful to him in your related post widget.

Although recent blog templates come with related post widget, if yours doesn't have, Be sure to add related contents widgets to your blog, as it helps in engaging blog readers.

As I mentioned in previous posts, blogging is a real business, so avoid lazy behaviors towards your blog if you intend to succeed in your blogging career. What's the point of creating a blog, just to leave it unattended to.
If a loyal viewer of your blog constantly checks back to your blog, only to find out that the posts are not updated regularly, the user tends to find other places where he could be updated on a regular basis. By default, I recommend you update your blog at least 3 times a week.

When writing blog posts, using internal links that link back to your blog posts, not only engage your viewers but also add to your blog's pageviews using what is known as do-follow links. When using internal linking, you should add in such a way that the users most likely would have to refer back to your previous post, if he or she wishes to fully grasp the info the came for.
Example, if you are writing a post on "how to make money blogging.", you can add in between the article "how to create a blog". This way, a user who will read the article has to refer back to the old blog post to first understand how to create a blog.

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The post above will surely guide you on how to write quality blog posts that engage with blog users, and also make most of them check back to your blog for similar updates. Hope you find this post helpful.


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