Friday, 22 September 2017

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic - 2017 Working Traffic Tips

The most difficult aspect of blogging is getting regular visitors. Not just viewers that come and go, but the ones that would always check back to your blog. I published a post on how to create a blog for free on blogger and wordpress in my previous posts, so if you've created your blog, the next thing would be to write post that would get you regular visitors.

Writing a quality and unique article go a long way in retaining blog viewers. But at the same time, having a quality post, does not guarantee high traffic. Some extra work needs to be done in order to ensure that your post reaches targeted viewers. What's the aim of having a good quality and unique post, without no viewer to read it?

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Hence, the need for this post where I would be showing you guys some basic white hat tricks that are guaranteed to increase your blog traffic to a reasonable amount.


  • Submitting Your Site map to various directories

  • Guest Blogging

  • Commenting on top blogs related to your niche

  • Joining forums

  • Active participation in Groups/forums

  • Sharing your post
Involves submitting of site and sitemap to search engine directory so that search engine bot can crawl your site contents, so that when a user types a query related to that of your content, the search engine will provide your article to the user. Popular search engine directories are Google, bing/yahoo, yandex, Alexa, etc. Because I don't wan't this post to be too lengthy, I would not go over the process of submitting to those directories. But in subsequent posts, I will write detailed tutorials on how to submit sitemap to search engine. Be sure to check back to this blog.

Basically guest blogging involves writing unique contents for top blogs that have large viewers and having a link (backlink) point back to your site. But as I mentioned earlier, for your post to be published, it has to be a quality and unique post, that is, it has not been posted anywhere on the internet. Example of blogs that accept guest posts include but not limited to,,,,,

As a blogger, there are blogs you look up to and read their posts on a daily basis. Commenting on such blogs and leaving a link (using anchor ref tag) that redirects to your site generates backlinks to your blog. Note, your comment should be related to the topic, and must be meaningful, otherwise it may be regarded as spam link, and would not be published.

Forums are good platform for guest blogging, and having a post on top forum sites brings back viewers to your site. Nairaland as an example is Nigeria's top forum, and it also allows users to write posts/articles which would be visible to vast number of viewers, After publishing your post, you can add a link that redirects to your site. E.g 

[url=link adress]Source[/url]

The word 'Source' link would be displayed on the user's screen with the link to the article embedded on it.

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Joining groups and forums is good for blog publicity, but can be further utilized when you participate actively on such forums, active participation could be; providing solutions to query ask on the group, commenting on other peoples post, sharing ideas that are beneficiary to group members.

Never dispute the power of social media. Social media sharing affects blog traffic positively. As a blogger, you should have an account(s) from different social media platforms (Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Instagram, etc). Facebook as an example, one of the most popular social platform on the internet, is the source of traffic of many blogs, and also a good place to get traffic back to your blog. So whenever you publish a post, ensure you share to to all social platform you have an account with.

Although all these tips listed above are sure to impact positively to your blog, there are other ways in which you can achieve the same goal. An example is to run adverts (Facebook, Google etc) which involves paying an amount of money, so that your brand (blog) will be displayed to targeted users with brief description in form of ads. Hope you enjoyed this post, do well to share with others using the share button below. Thank you for reading my blog post, regularly check back for similar tips.